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What a May Back at the Ranch

It has been a great May back at the ranch and it is only the 19th. We had our first little filly and over an inch and a half of rain. It seems so strange to have a small colt on the ranch. I have always worked with cattle and had an old horse around [...]

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Our Little Filly Back at the Ranch

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The 2012 Models are Rolling Out

One of the first signs of spring back at the ranch is finding a surprise package. While you may know the new calves are coming, it is always thrilling to see the first calf of the year. This year’s surprise package was produced by our oldest lady, Malfia. It has been warm for February, and [...]

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21 Days of snow, And Counting

When most people think of New Mexico, they think of arid, desert conditions. However, New Mexico has a surprising number of wonderful ski resorts. Back at the ranch, we normally see snowfall a few times a year. If we do get any quantity, it is usually gone within a week. December has been unusual back [...]

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Leaning Over the Fence

It is a good day to lean over the fence and watch the calves grow back at the ranch. Things have been chaotic and in constant turmoil recently. With over 16 moves in the family, I am not sure just what happened this past year. Most of it had to do with the economy as [...]

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Never Enough Rain

Making decisions about the future of the ranch and having a strong partner who is willing to make decisions.

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Moving Back to the Ranch

An unexpected crisis has me moving back to the ranch. My mother, who will be 90 on August 8th, had a slight stroke. Her memory has been affected, and thus, my brother and I cannot leave her alone any more. So, I will tell Portales good-bye today. At least for a month. I suspect it [...]

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Websites and Blogs

If anyone has been following me, you should now have a few articles up on Associated, and have a couple of other sites for an income stream. Now, the next step is developing a website. This part will cost a little bit of money. Use the link for “go daddy” on the right hand side [...]

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Branding Season Back at the Ranch

It’s branding time!

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Almost Done with Step A of the Move Back to the Ranch

Moving is a major pain! We are almost done with moving things out of The Place and into storage so we can take things back to The Ranch or have them on hand if we get another place. I started packing several days ahead of the move, and that was darn good. Otherwise, we would [...]

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