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Back at the Ranch: Laundry, Moving and Storage

With The Place in Portales selling this week, we are preparing to move on that end. That means finding storage, and moving back into the camper now that the office and garage will be gone. I went through everything at The Place on Friday and brought back anything I could pack including the extra clothes [...]

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We Are On The Move

We just got word that The Place in Portales has sold, thus we are moving. I hate moving! We are currently scrambling for a new place to live. We prefer out in the country, though may have to live in one of the campgrounds for a while. So, it’s time to figure out what goes [...]

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More Snow Back at the Ranch

We woke up to four inches for fresh powder this morning, which is wonderful. It is amazing just how much moisture we have received this year. That translates into Fat Calves and Happy Cows. Yeah! It is just too bad that humans cannot follow in a cow’s trail. You are probably wondering what in the [...]

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Getting Ready to Move

It looks like our place in Portales is going to sell. Guess that means we will be looking for some place new for the work week. We checked out a place in Elida last night, but that is going to be too far to commute from. I think I will put an ad on Craig’s [...]

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Opting to Stay On The Work End

About once a month, my husband and I elect to stay in Portales rather than make the six hour round trip to go to the ranch. This was probably a good weekend to stay on the work end of our commute. There is a big storm passing through. When Uncle Mike last reported, he said [...]

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Another $100 Day

You would think with all these calves hitting the ground this fast that we must have a lot of cows. No, it is just the season. We have nine mother cows, 6 heifers that will be having their first calves around May, and a big bull, plus two yearlings that were born last year. The [...]

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