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When Will the World Slow Down?

It seems that things are speeding up rather than slowing down. With income taxes out of the way for both the business, our partners and our personal taxes, things should have slowed down to a more tolerable pace. Unfortunately, this year it seems to just have spring boarded us into even more projects that need to [...]

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A Celebration Back at the Ranch

“Gran Quivira Rustler ” was published yesterday, much to my satisfaction and personal delight.

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Over 30 Days of Snow on the Ground and Counting

Five foot of snow is not the problem. It’s the boot sucking mud that causes true problems back at the ranch.

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Finally, we had a rain

Twin calves are very unusual in the beef industry. Now, drought and unusual weather made getting the twins here truly remarkable

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It Feels Good to be Writing Again

Summer frees me up to travel with my husband and to write again.

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The Frogs Are Croaking Back at the Ranch

It has been three years since the frogs have croaked back on the ranch. It is wonderful to hear them once again.

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Branding Season Back at the Ranch

It’s branding time!

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A Tiny $100 Day Back At the Ranch

Have you ever seen a calf the size of a cat? The new calf is cute and is still worth $100 just by hitting the ground alive!

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An Unexpected Week Back at the Ranch

Jimmy Dean may have died, but I will remember him. And another litter of orphaned kittens–Guess I get to stay back at the ranch again!

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To Beat the Heat, Change your Personal Working Schedule and be More Productive at Work

A personal working schedule helps to beat the heat and be more productive.

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