When Will the World Slow Down?

It seems that things are speeding up rather than slowing down. With income taxes out of the way for both the business, our partners and our personal taxes, things should have slowed down to a more tolerable pace. Unfortunately, this year it seems to just have spring boarded us into even more projects that need to be dealt with.

All but one cow has presented us with her 2012 model calf. Number 4 is due in June, so she has a ways to go. Our six new heifers, including the twins have grown and are ready to meet with the bull back at the ranch. We did manage to get the garden planted this last weekend. I just hope it is not too early and a late frost knocks it out.

While my husband and I are not your standard “preppers” we do believe in being as self-sufficient as possible. We raise beef and grow as much as our own food as possible. The difficulty comes with doing as much traveling was we do. With needing to be across the state to make an income, we have to lean on friends to take care of the ranch while we are gone.

The garden, however, is another matter. We use timers and sprinkler systems to handle the day to day watering and then spend part of the weekends doing the weeding and tending to the fruits of our labors.

It may not be how most people would like to spend their weekends, but it works for us. It is great to go back to the ranch and find squash, green beans and okra just ready to pick.

April 24, 2012   Posted in: Garden, Livestock

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