What a May Back at the Ranch

It has been a great May back at the ranch and it is only the 19th. We had our first little filly and over an inch and a half of rain.

It seems so strange to have a small colt on the ranch. I have always worked with cattle and had an old horse around to drive them if necessary. It is very different being around a mother horse and her newborn. The mare is more than a little on the wild side so we were tickled when she trotted up to us with her little filly by her side.

Back at the ranch, it is green from the rain. The entire inch and half sank deep into the ground and did not run off. We are getting the entire benefit of the rain and the pastures and cows show it.

The cows are all fat and the calves are sleek and growing fast. The garden in coming on and life is about perfect back at the ranch.

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