Another $100 Day

You would think with all these calves hitting the ground this fast that we must have a lot of cows. No, it is just the season. We have nine mother cows, 6 heifers that will be having their first calves around May, and a big bull, plus two yearlings that were born last year.

The nine are the ones busy halving calves right now. Number 8 presented us with a baby this afternoon. Too bad we were back on the work end and will not get to see it for a little while.

Uncle Mike was out on the porch, just glancing over the herd. He noticed that there were too many little ones bouncing around. He counted four times before he figured out he was not seeing things. Upon investigating, he realized Number 4 had delivered a beauty while he was busy elsewhere.

So, it is another $100 day back at the ranch. That brings us up to 5 calves on the ground and 4 more coming any day now!

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