Back At The Ranch

After two weeks, we finally are back at the ranch. I love coming home, I just hate that three hour trip to get here.  It started sprinkling within minutes of us getting here.  The pastures are already turning green.  Spring is here, a wild, wet one, I”m sure.

Number 4′s baby is a bull calf.  That $100 baby is really a looker. Perfectly formed, straight back and jet black.  A person cannot ask for more than that.

After looking all the calves over this evening, I believe Goofy’s is the best looking.  The calf has the classic form of an Angus bull, just like his daddy.

It has often been said you shouldn’t name your food.  In other words, by naming my cows, that I am screwing up when it comes time to take them to the packing plant.  However, I find it handy to name them so that in a conversation with my husband or with Uncle Mike, I can discuss the attributes of a specific animal and everyone is clear on whom I’m discussing.  I do bow to the normal in one area.  Any critter that is going to be harvested and enjoyed by the family receives a name that reminds us of his true purpose.  In other words, we have had Willie B Beef, Ribeye, and Freezer Bait.

By raising our own food, we know the quality of the final product.  We know the beef’s entire life history and any exposure to pesticides or hormornes, or anything else a normal human would not want to consume.  It also saves a ton of money in the long run and taste better than anything you will find in the supermarket.

These $100 days back at the ranch are actually the beginning of a journey to future savings and health.

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