More Snow Back at the Ranch

We woke up to four inches for fresh powder this morning, which is wonderful. It is amazing just how much moisture we have received this year. That translates into Fat Calves and Happy Cows. Yeah!

It is just too bad that humans cannot follow in a cow’s trail. You are probably wondering what in the world I am talking about. It is like this, when cows are actually going somewhere, not just browsing, they will form a single file line and follow one another. By traveling on the same path, they avoid doing damage to the pastures.

Humans, on the other hand, refuse to follow the paths of others. This is especially true during a time of muddy country roads. My theory is if you stay in the ruts when it is muddy, you will get home safely following the twin set of tracks down the road. When the ground is either frozen or dry, you then have a smooth place to travel outside of the ruts.

However, I seem to be about the only person who follows that theory. The road between the ranch and the highway gets progressively worse as you come to each neighbor’s drive. It seems everyone thinks they have to get out of the rut. They fishtrail all the way to the highway. At least they made it safely.

Now, during the freeze or when the roads finally dry up, there will be no place left to drive that is not cut full of hard packed ruts with no way to avoid them.

Yes, maybe we should follow the cow’s and follow the trails, at least in my opinon.

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