Almost Done with Step A of the Move Back to the Ranch

Moving is a major pain! We are almost done with moving things out of The Place and into storage so we can take things back to The Ranch or have them on hand if we get another place.
I started packing several days ahead of the move, and that was darn good. Otherwise, we would still be packing the bulk and everything would be hopelessly lost.

We also rented two storage units instead of one. This allowed us to sort things immeditely into what heads back to the ranch and what stays put for now. With the extra cost, I will be working diligently to get the ranch storeroom emptied as soon as possible!

What I did was start with cleaning out the RV. Since that will be home for the next few months, I needed room for the things we would be needing immediately on the work end. That stuff is already back at the ranch and put away.

Now, to clean out the office, I used two boxes and a huge trashcan. As I emptied something, it would go into either a box for the ranch, a box for storage here, or the trashcan. If it was something that we would be needing, I took it immeditely into the RV and found a home for it.

Three pickup loads found their way into the dumpster. Four pickup loads went into storage for here, and I lost count on the number of loads that are headed to the ranch.

I have less than a load left in the garage to go into storage, then my husband can take over the yard area and we will be done!

I am beginning to think I want to stay in the RV Park just so it will not be so hard to move back to the ranch when it is time to retire! I hate moving!

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