Just when Things were Figured Out Back at the Ranch:

Why is it that nothing is certain, except change. If you have read my last post, you would know all about our new RV. I was really looking forward to working there. Now, things have changed back at the ranch, and suddenly, it looks like I will be spending more time back at the ranch than in the new RV.

The person who was watching the ranch suddenly decided he was done and took off to parts unknown. He left behind a bunch of questions, “Where is the bottle baby, and what happened to the two cows that are missing from the pen?” which were answered eventually, though not by him.

What ever his reason for taking off, he should never have abandoned the animals. Fortunately, we arrived home that evening and were able to minimize the damage before it was any worse.

Also, we had a $100 day the very next day. Have you ever noticed that newborns can get into a lot of trouble? If you have ever been to the ranch, you would have discover the  trouble with newborns

I have definitely learned one thing, never depend on anyone. That is one mistake I will not be making again!  I am glad to be back at the ranch, though. That means I can enjoy watching the calves grow and visiting with my mother in the mornings.

It also means I will be able to write to my own schedule instead around someone else!

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