To Beat the Heat, Change your Personal Working Schedule and be More Productive at Work

100 degree temperatures are very uncommon back at the ranch. I am very thankful for that fact. I do not do well in this extreme heat. To beat the heat, I am going to work on a personal working schedule. It should help me be more productive.

This week I will be staying back at the ranch again. I am finding it difficult to get enough writing done in Portales. I think I may be a bit too handy for Jerry.  Back at the ranch, I can start earlier, take a nap, then get back to work for an evening run. My writing is more productive if I make the split. Much as I love my husband, he wants me to keep my evenings free to spend with him. It is cool he wants to spend the time with me, but I really need to be more productive with my personal working schedule.

By splitting my day into sections, I can write from 4 am to 7 am, go tend to the chores and check on my mother, come back to the ranch and hit it for another three hours.  By noon, the first wave should be done, then I can take a short break, a shower to combat this heat, a nap to regenerate the mind, then back to work at my desk.

With luck, I should be able to work about 12 hours throughout the day before I’m totally brain-dead and head for bed for the evening.

That is my game plan, in my mind at least. I honestly believe by having a set schedule that I can be more productive than if I just “wing it”.

The cows and calves are doing well back at the ranch. I have five more to calve out.  My husband and I are back to working on our new corrals. We are trying to get them finished up so we can brand and band everyone and that will be about the major work until late fall when it is time for weaning and shipping.

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