An Unexpected Week Back at the Ranch

I was expecting to go to Portales this week, however, I suddenly find myself once again back at the ranch.

This is my daughter’s last week in New Mexico, and I will get to go see her on Thursday before she leaves, but a lack of a baby sitter had me changing venues this week.

It has been strange that mother cats are disappearing at an alarming rate. Last week, another mother cat just flat vanished, leaving behind three 6 week old orphaned kittens. My husband and I agree on one thing, no animal will starve to death back at the ranch, so, here I sit for another week, babysitting kittens.

I was very sad to learn that country music and sausage king Jimmy Dean passed away today. I truly enjoyed his deep voice and the ballads were my favorite style of music. I love songs that tell stories, and Jimmy Dean’s voice was perfect for the ballads he chose to sing. RIP Jimmy Dean-I will remember you!

June 14, 2010  Tags: , , ,   Posted in: Ranch