Websites and Blogs

If anyone has been following me, you should now have a few articles up on Associated, and have a couple of other sites for an income stream. Now, the next step is developing a website. This part will cost a little bit of money. Use the link for “go daddy” on the right hand side of the screen. Sign up for a cheap website- Yup, maybe $1.99 for the year–You can add things if you want, but they are not necessary. You will not be needing a shopping cart, so just keep it basic and simple.

Afer you get your domain name, design a simple website–basically, who you are, what you are doing, what interests you have. Pictures are great. This does not have to be fancy, just a nice little page.

Now, the next step is to start a blog. The blog can be about anything in the world. Just basically, something you will go to and write about on a regular basis.

I strongly recommend updating it at least once a week-I am behind in case you can’t tell. Once you have your blog going well, you will be able to get revenues off of it as well!! That comes from signing up with linkshare (Left hand side of this page) and selecting some adds to put on your blog.

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