Moving Back to the Ranch

An unexpected crisis has me moving back to the ranch. My mother, who will be 90 on August 8th, had a slight stroke. Her memory has been affected, and thus, my brother and I cannot leave her alone any more. So, I will tell Portales good-bye today.

At least for a month. I suspect it may be longer than a month. Mom’s health has been failing in the past few months and I want to spend as much time with her as possible back at the ranch.

There is another complication that has me thinking this will be for an extended period of time. David has been watching the ranch when I am in Portales. My son, however, has decided he wants to move to Portales to be near his wife’s family, who are also have medical problems. Thus, the ranch sitter is leaving.

That means, I’m headed back to the ranch for an extended period. I am planning for the month of August, though it could be more permanent than that.

Poor hubby will just have to learn to fend for himself on this end!

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