Leaning Over the Fence

It is a good day to lean over the fence and watch the calves grow back at the ranch.

Things have been chaotic and in constant turmoil recently. With over 16 moves in the family, I am not sure just what happened this past year. Most of it had to do with the economy as jobs changed and work required different locations. Health played the part in more than one of those moves, but finally, things are settling down back at the ranch.

There are 13 small calves on the place and four more coming in the near future. The calves range in new born to three months old in age. Most are black a coal and you cannot tell one from the other. There are two exceptions, one has a decided red tinge to her and the other has white patches on his forehead. Other than that, unless the calf is nursing its mother, most people would not know which calf belongs to which cow.

The cows have been content to lay about the water lot from just after sunrise until early afternoon. The calves will scatter throughout the herd and most will find a sunny spot for long naps which are interrupted with brief patches of play time and plenty of nursing time.

We have set up a creep feeder for the calves. On many morning, the calves will come running into the corrals bucking and kicking up their heels before diving under the bar the blocks their mothers from following into the pen. The calves will play for a few more moments before checking out the feed pan for their special treats. Once they’ve ate their fill, they curl up in the warm spring sun while the mothers line up along the fence, unable to get to their calves.

The calves seem to really enjoy their peaceful pen away from the mother cows while the mother cows stand bellowing at them from the other side of the fence. It reminds me of a mother yelling at her teenager while the teenager totally ignores everything the mother says.

By late afternoon, the cows are ready to head out to pasture. The calves trail along with them, knowing that sundown will bring another chance to nurse. I am always amazed how the mother cows can forgive their calves for ignoring them, just as a mother will forgive their child.

Yes, it is a great day to lean over the fence and watch the calves grow back at the ranch.

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