Never Enough Rain

Wow. In four days, we have had nearly 4 inches of rain!. For the drought-ridden Southwest, that is truly something to be thankful about. It will help to make happy cows and calves with a $0 feed bill for a while!

It will be interesting knowing I have a full month back at the ranch. I have a lot to accomplish, including organizing, writing enough to make $100 a day, and taking care of the animals. I figure if I can meet my writing goal, I will be able to do this more often. I do know someone has to stay at the ranch this winter. The animals need tending to, and my mother needs an extra hand. I might as well make the best of it.

One thing I am truly thankful for is to haveВ  a husband who is not afraid to make decisions. In my past relationship, I was forced to take charge as my ex would never make a decision. The problem with that was he would always critisize anything that I finally decided upon. My husband today, is a strong man who knows what he wants, is fair and will consider everything before making a decision. It is a relief to have a strong partner.

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