It Feels Good to be Writing Again

It has been a long time since I was able to take my writing seriously. Since way back in February, to be exact. Things have been very confusing and most of this was due to the economy.

Family members have moved, in many cases, a number of times. Finally, things have settled down and it looks like there’s someone to watch the ranch so that I may travel with my husband once again.

Our commutting through the work week makes it difficult to have animals. During the summer, many issues are eased because the cows do not need to be fed daily. There is no ice to break and calving is done and over with. Now, just turn the cows out to pasture and spend my time leaning over the fence to watch the calves grow.

This easier time for raising cows is marred by hot days and the horrible winds. New Mexico is under a severe drought. We are very fortunate that our ranch is understocked this year. We have ample pasture for the cows to do well on. So, we turned the cows and their babies out.

It is just a matter of being sure they have water and that someone is around to put wandering calves back in on a regular basis. Summer is also the time for fixing fences, tending to a garden, and taking advantage of the longer days.В  We work hard throughout the week and even harder on weekends. All is in preparation for winter back at the ranch.

June 27, 2011   Posted in: Freelance, Livestock, Ranch

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