Finally, we had a rain

It has been nearly a year since we last had a good rain back at the ranch. New Mexico is suffering through one of the worst droughts in history. We had an inch and six tenths on Friday, and another half inch on Sunday. At least now, we have a chance to get some grass to growing.

The twins are doing wonderfully well back at the ranch. Twin calves are very unusual and to have them born in negative 2 and negative 4 degree weather, we were lucky that they survived. We do plan on keeping them for breeder stock as both are heifer calves.

In the dairy industry, twin calves of the same sex are okay but opposite sexed twins are unlikely to be able to breed, thus they are sold. We have had confirmation of this from several sources. With both of our twin calves being female, we can raise them and stand a great chance of having twins on the ranch in the future.

When you have twins, one thing to be careful of is that they are getting enough nutrition. We feed the mother cow extra rations as well as have the calves on a creep feeder. This allows the calves to get their own special share of grain without the mother stealing it all.

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