A $100 Day

My dad, who passed away in the mid70′s use to say that every time a calf hit the ground, it was a $100 bill in his pocket. 

Well, Goofy brought us a brand new baby today.  She headed up to the top of the hill early this morning.  The rest of the cows were near the hay feeders, so we knew she had finally succumbed to mother nature and was about to have that calf. 

We kept an eye on her, but it is always best to let mother nature handle the work.  You actually risk injuring the calf, the cow, and the ranchers, if you mess with them.  From our front porch, you had an excellent view of her.  She would stand up, that poor cow’s tail was kinked like a lightening bolt, and lay back down.

It took her two hours, but right after breakfast, there she stood, cleaning up that little black baby calf.  What was really cool is that the calf was up and nursing within 30 minutes of hitting the ground.

That is a really great sign that our cows are very healthy and are receiving proper nutrition.  It was also great as we could see a snowstorm coming over the mountains towards us. 

Mom and baby are both great.  The snowstorm passed in just a few short hours, and temperatures are warm.  It was a good day back at the ranch, a $100 day. Dad would be pleased.

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