The 2012 Models are Rolling Out

One of the first signs of spring back at the ranch is finding a surprise package. While you may know the new calves are coming, it is always thrilling to see the first calf of the year. This year’s surprise package was produced by our oldest lady, Malfia. It has been warm for February, and when we went out to tend to chores, there was Malfia with her new 2012 model watching us curiously.

The calf is solid black, and just like his two brothers before him, perfect. I had hoped for a heifer from Malfia this year, but another bull calf is just as welcomed. Cattle prices are setting record highs and his brothers have brought more than we expected.

While Malfia is not a registered Angus, the father of the baby is. We will not castrate this particular 2012 model either. He will make someone a great heifer bull and be more valuable to us to sell as breeding stock.

Within a couple of days of Malfia bringing in her surprise package, Buddy’s Sister presented us with our second surprise package. This was also a beautiful black bull calf. As Buddy’s Sister is a red cow rather than our standard black, he will be castrated and sold as a steer. Right now, steer calves weighing around 350 pounds are selling for over $2 per pound. My father use to say a new calf made it a $100 day back at the ranch. However, with the increase in prices, this new calf hits the ground at twice that making it a $200 day.

Three days later, Sweetheart brought in a prancing baby heifer. So, within a week, our little herd presented us with three 2012 models and more are on the way.

I just hope Goofy doesn’t domino with twins again. Or, if she does do the twin thing, that it is not during -2 and -4 degree weather!

It may be early in the year, but signs of spring are all around us and the 2012 models are beautiful and thriving back at the ranch.

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