Never Enough Rain

Wow. In four days, we have had nearly 4 inches of rain!. For the drought-ridden Southwest, that is truly something to be thankful about. It will help to make happy cows and calves with a $0 feed bill for a while!

It will be interesting knowing I have a full month back at the ranch. I have a lot to accomplish, including organizing, writing enough to make $100 a day, and taking care of the animals. I figure if I can meet my writing goal, I will be able to do this more often. I do know someone has to stay at the ranch this winter. The animals need tending to, and my mother needs an extra hand. I might as well make the best of it.

One thing I am truly thankful for is to have  a husband who is not afraid to make decisions. In my past relationship, I was forced to take charge as my ex would never make a decision. The problem with that was he would always critisize anything that I finally decided upon. My husband today, is a strong man who knows what he wants, is fair and will consider everything before making a decision. It is a relief to have a strong partner.

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The Frogs Are Croaking Back at the Ranch

Cattle grazing by the running draw.

With an inch of rain yesterday, and two inches today, the draws are running, the frogs are croaking, and WOW–It’s good to be back at the ranch.

I have yet to figure out how the frogs can hibernate for years and then show up in abundance when we finally have rain here in the desert SW. The sound of their croaking could be heard in the house over the air conditioner and television last night. It was an amazing sound to be lulled to sleep by.

This morning, the frogs are still there, though the creek is gone. The temporary problem of muddy roads means fat calves this fall. It is a wonderful sight back on the ranch.

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Moving Back to the Ranch

An unexpected crisis has me moving back to the ranch. My mother, who will be 90 on August 8th, had a slight stroke. Her memory has been affected, and thus, my brother and I cannot leave her alone any more. So, I will tell Portales good-bye today.

At least for a month. I suspect it may be longer than a month. Mom’s health has been failing in the past few months and I want to spend as much time with her as possible back at the ranch.

There is another complication that has me thinking this will be for an extended period of time. David has been watching the ranch when I am in Portales. My son, however, has decided he wants to move to Portales to be near his wife’s family, who are also have medical problems. Thus, the ranch sitter is leaving.

That means, I’m headed back to the ranch for an extended period. I am planning for the month of August, though it could be more permanent than that.

Poor hubby will just have to learn to fend for himself on this end!

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Websites and Blogs

If anyone has been following me, you should now have a few articles up on Associated, and have a couple of other sites for an income stream. Now, the next step is developing a website. This part will cost a little bit of money. Use the link for “go daddy” on the right hand side of the screen. Sign up for a cheap website- Yup, maybe $1.99 for the year–You can add things if you want, but they are not necessary. You will not be needing a shopping cart, so just keep it basic and simple.

Afer you get your domain name, design a simple website–basically, who you are, what you are doing, what interests you have. Pictures are great. This does not have to be fancy, just a nice little page.

Now, the next step is to start a blog. The blog can be about anything in the world. Just basically, something you will go to and write about on a regular basis.

I strongly recommend updating it at least once a week-I am behind in case you can’t tell. Once you have your blog going well, you will be able to get revenues off of it as well!! That comes from signing up with linkshare (Left hand side of this page) and selecting some adds to put on your blog.

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Branding Season Back at the Ranch

This weekend we are planning on branding the calves. This is a necessary process that I both love and hate. I love getting to touch every calf on the place, but I hate having to brand them. It is a state law in New Mexico that all livestock must be branded before you can sell them. The only exception to the law is if you sell a calf with it’s mother. That defeats the purpose of having cows. It is impossible to replace the entire herd every year. Thus, branding is a necessary evil.

One thing my husband and I have learned over the years, do not cut the bull calves to castrate them. It is much better to band them. We use, and recommend, the Callicrate Banding system. It is easy to use and there is little stress to the steer calves.

By cutting the calf, you risk infection and heavy bleeding. Occasionally, you will lose one. By using the Callicate Bander, there is no cutting necessary, and, the best part to me, is you can allow the calves to grow larger with the naturally produced testosterone before you band them.

The Callicate Bander will also work for de-horning. Fortunately, I have only two cows that have horns and all of the calves are natural mulely, so no de-horning for me.

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A Tiny $100 Day Back At the Ranch

An unusually small calf

An unusually small calf

I have seen small calves in my time, but the last one born in June takes the cake! He is so small, the ranch tom cat is bigger! The tiny calf stands under his mother to nurse and still has three inches of clearance! The calf is very healthy though, solid red with a white tip on the end of his tail. Mother is very proud of him, but she does like to hide him out. It has been nearly three weeks since his birth and she still does not bring him back to the ranch headquarters with the rest of the herd.

It is unusual to have a cow that insists on keeping her calf in the pasture after a week. I am sure his size has something to do with it. One thing is for sure, he will soon catch up with the other calves in size.

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An Unexpected Week Back at the Ranch

I was expecting to go to Portales this week, however, I suddenly find myself once again back at the ranch.

This is my daughter’s last week in New Mexico, and I will get to go see her on Thursday before she leaves, but a lack of a baby sitter had me changing venues this week.

It has been strange that mother cats are disappearing at an alarming rate. Last week, another mother cat just flat vanished, leaving behind three 6 week old orphaned kittens. My husband and I agree on one thing, no animal will starve to death back at the ranch, so, here I sit for another week, babysitting kittens.

I was very sad to learn that country music and sausage king Jimmy Dean passed away today. I truly enjoyed his deep voice and the ballads were my favorite style of music. I love songs that tell stories, and Jimmy Dean’s voice was perfect for the ballads he chose to sing. RIP Jimmy Dean-I will remember you!

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To Beat the Heat, Change your Personal Working Schedule and be More Productive at Work

100 degree temperatures are very uncommon back at the ranch. I am very thankful for that fact. I do not do well in this extreme heat. To beat the heat, I am going to work on a personal working schedule. It should help me be more productive.

This week I will be staying back at the ranch again. I am finding it difficult to get enough writing done in Portales. I think I may be a bit too handy for Jerry.  Back at the ranch, I can start earlier, take a nap, then get back to work for an evening run. My writing is more productive if I make the split. Much as I love my husband, he wants me to keep my evenings free to spend with him. It is cool he wants to spend the time with me, but I really need to be more productive with my personal working schedule.

By splitting my day into sections, I can write from 4 am to 7 am, go tend to the chores and check on my mother, come back to the ranch and hit it for another three hours.  By noon, the first wave should be done, then I can take a short break, a shower to combat this heat, a nap to regenerate the mind, then back to work at my desk.

With luck, I should be able to work about 12 hours throughout the day before I’m totally brain-dead and head for bed for the evening.

That is my game plan, in my mind at least. I honestly believe by having a set schedule that I can be more productive than if I just “wing it”.

The cows and calves are doing well back at the ranch. I have five more to calve out.  My husband and I are back to working on our new corrals. We are trying to get them finished up so we can brand and band everyone and that will be about the major work until late fall when it is time for weaning and shipping.

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And So May Ends Back at The Ranch

I have been fielding a lot of questions about making money online. While I am back at the ranch, I can log on to one of my sites and still earn money, upwards of a $100 per day. It is so cool, because I do not have to report to an office or a boss. My commute is about ten steps to my desk, and I can learn about anything under the sun.

The first step to working full time online is to sign up for a free account on Associated Content.  There are a few reasons why you should start here. Basically, Associated Content will allow you to publish about anything, including poetry and short stories. While Associated Content does not have the highest in up front payments, they do pay FOREVER. If you publish a story today, you will still be earning on that story for the next twenty years or even longer. That is a pretty good incentive.

Now, Associated Content does off some up front payments. These can be from just a few cents to several dollars. This is on top of your life-long revenues. And Associated Content also has another program where your story can actually be syndicated by someone else. In other words, if your story is bought by someone, Associated will give you a $2.00 bonus, plus $12 for the syndication, plus any up-fronts, plus your life long earnings.  So, there are a number of different ways to earn money through Associated Content.

If you are not into writing, Associated Content also accepts videos and pictures as well. It is easy to get started with Associated Content, and I recommend you start there. Just publish one story a day and soon you will be on your way to bigger and better things.

And Breaking News:  Associated Content has just been purchased by YAHOO. This means you will have a broader audience and better chance for advancement! 

After you have a good set of articles behind you, there are vast options available. Some sites pay $8 per 250 word article and some pay much higher. Keep in mind though, that will be all of the income you will ever see from most of those sites. It is a good way to hit your $100 per day average though. It will pay the bills while you work on other revenue streams.

Speaking of other revenue streams, I guess I had better get back to work. I have got to feed the cows back at the ranch and get ready to head out to Portales this afternoon.

Good Luck, and if you have any questions, I would be very happy to help!

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Just when Things were Figured Out Back at the Ranch:

Why is it that nothing is certain, except change. If you have read my last post, you would know all about our new RV. I was really looking forward to working there. Now, things have changed back at the ranch, and suddenly, it looks like I will be spending more time back at the ranch than in the new RV.

The person who was watching the ranch suddenly decided he was done and took off to parts unknown. He left behind a bunch of questions, “Where is the bottle baby, and what happened to the two cows that are missing from the pen?” which were answered eventually, though not by him.

What ever his reason for taking off, he should never have abandoned the animals. Fortunately, we arrived home that evening and were able to minimize the damage before it was any worse.

Also, we had a $100 day the very next day. Have you ever noticed that newborns can get into a lot of trouble? If you have ever been to the ranch, you would have discover the  trouble with newborns

I have definitely learned one thing, never depend on anyone. That is one mistake I will not be making again!  I am glad to be back at the ranch, though. That means I can enjoy watching the calves grow and visiting with my mother in the mornings.

It also means I will be able to write to my own schedule instead around someone else!

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