Never Enough Rain

Making decisions about the future of the ranch and having a strong partner who is willing to make decisions.

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A Tiny $100 Day Back At the Ranch

Have you ever seen a calf the size of a cat? The new calf is cute and is still worth $100 just by hitting the ground alive!

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And So May Ends Back at The Ranch

Back at the ranch, I am writing and earning a living. My $100 a day goal is fairly easy to accomplish and it is not all coming in from the ranch. My freelance writing and photography is paying off and it was simple enough to start back at the ranch

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Just when Things were Figured Out Back at the Ranch:

Change is one thing that is definite in this world. Many things changed back at the ranch this week, including me!

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So Much for being Normal

Yet another move. This time to a new RV with room to work!

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Back At The Ranch

Back at the ranch, we get to see the new $100 baby calves. These young calves are actually the beginning of a healthy lifestyle and saving money.

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Another $100 Day

You would think with all these calves hitting the ground this fast that we must have a lot of cows. No, it is just the season. We have nine mother cows, 6 heifers that will be having their first calves around May, and a big bull, plus two yearlings that were born last year. The [...]

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A $100 Day

A new calf, a small snowstorm, what a great day back at the ranch.

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