Finally, we had a rain

Twin calves are very unusual in the beef industry. Now, drought and unusual weather made getting the twins here truly remarkable

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Websites and Blogs

If anyone has been following me, you should now have a few articles up on Associated, and have a couple of other sites for an income stream. Now, the next step is developing a website. This part will cost a little bit of money. Use the link for “go daddy” on the right hand side [...]

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And So May Ends Back at The Ranch

Back at the ranch, I am writing and earning a living. My $100 a day goal is fairly easy to accomplish and it is not all coming in from the ranch. My freelance writing and photography is paying off and it was simple enough to start back at the ranch

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Back At The Ranch

Back at the ranch, we get to see the new $100 baby calves. These young calves are actually the beginning of a healthy lifestyle and saving money.

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