Over 30 Days of Snow on the Ground and Counting

Five foot of snow is not the problem. It’s the boot sucking mud that causes true problems back at the ranch.

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21 Days of snow, And Counting

When most people think of New Mexico, they think of arid, desert conditions. However, New Mexico has a surprising number of wonderful ski resorts. Back at the ranch, we normally see snowfall a few times a year. If we do get any quantity, it is usually gone within a week. December has been unusual back [...]

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More Snow Back at the Ranch

We woke up to four inches for fresh powder this morning, which is wonderful. It is amazing just how much moisture we have received this year. That translates into Fat Calves and Happy Cows. Yeah! It is just too bad that humans cannot follow in a cow’s trail. You are probably wondering what in the [...]

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Opting to Stay On The Work End

About once a month, my husband and I elect to stay in Portales rather than make the six hour round trip to go to the ranch. This was probably a good weekend to stay on the work end of our commute. There is a big storm passing through. When Uncle Mike last reported, he said [...]

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